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Breeder's Program projects

If the aquariums would like some bluehead shiners from LA or AR, let me
know also, same criteria that Dwight listed. :)

BTW: the NFC Breeder's Program bluehead shiner project is going to be
starting up soon, so all interested parties need to get a brief resume
to me concerning their qualifications in being considered for the
current planned project. Please send direct to me, not the list.

Heavy emphasis will be placed on the participant's ability to record and
communicate findings, the person's willingness to follow the project's
reporting requirements, and commitment to be a part of the NFC's
Breeder's Program's ongoing mission to document and disseminate
information on the life histories of native fish.

One word about qualifications on all NFC Breeder's Program projects.
They are only open to verified members of NFC and the Breeder's Program.



Dwight Moody wrote:
> ROBERT: check with the FL and LA aquariums and see if they want any NY
> or CT species as part of the arrangements we have with them, and I can
> include provisions for these species in the SCP applications.  Could
> also use copies of the correspondence to document that they are
> legitimate organizations.