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Re: Collaborators Wanted for Scientific Collection Permits

   I'm a new yorker, and this sounds like a great idea.  I collect up here
all the time anyhoww, so... :)  Great initiative, I hope others follow up
on that lead!

J. L. Wiegert,
118 Park Pl.
Schenectady, New York

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On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Dwight Moody wrote:

> I am in the process of developing Scientific Collection Permit 
> applications for New York and Connecticut, with more applications to be 
> submitted later.  I would like to include other NFC members as either 
> co-collectors or receivers of NY and CT natives to be collected under 
> these permits.  Anyone who either lives in NY or CT who would like to be 
> listed on the permit application as a collector, let me know and provide 
> me with your name, address, etc., as the permits cost the same whether 
> one person or ten are listed as collectors/receivers.
> Also, native fish breeders that are part of the NFC Breeder's Program  
> who are just drooling over some of the species that are available in 
> these two states - check your field guides - should also let me and Herb 
> Harris know what species you are interested in and numbers of same, 
> which will be used for the NFC Breeder's Program. Make sure you are 
> registered as a breeder and register these organisms.  See the Programs 
> area of the NFC website for details on how to do this.
> Persons who want some fish for other research purposes and are not 
> planning to breed them should also contact me and describe your proposed 
> research, as I will need this for the application.  
> ROBERT: check with the FL and LA aquariums and see if they want any NY 
> or CT species as part of the arrangements we have with them, and I can 
> include provisions for these species in the SCP applications.  Could 
> also use copies of the correspondence to document that they are 
> legitimate organizations.
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