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Subject: Report on new fish
Date: 8/30/98 8:33 AM Central Daylight Time
From: <A HREF="aol://3548:LawrenceT5">LawrenceT5</A>
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I received a batch of Elasomma zonatum (banded pigmy sunfish) and Fundulus
chrysotus (golden topminnow/killie) Wednesday at noon.  The fish were packed
into a number of bags and none were dead.  I floated them in a tank while I
prepared the anti-parasite dip, which is simple a 4% solution of white
vinager.  I dipped the fish for 15 seconds in this solution and then put each
species into a tank which was waiting.

The sunfish look almost like a goby, with a large mouth for the size of the
body and a definite dislike of open water swimming.  They are in a ten-gallon
tank with a large bunch of java moss.  The chrysotus look almost like
miniature barracuda with large eyes.  They are in 1/2 of a divided 20L with
some floating plants, including a full cover of duckweed, and a spawning mop.

The first day they were very flighty and panicked whenever I approached the
tank.  By the second day they were both eating and now seemed to have settled
down.  I'm feeding the zonatum newly-hatched brine shrimp and the chrysotus
frozen adult brine shrimp.  The chrysotus will go all the way down to the
bottom of the tank to get the food.

I'll be primarily conditioning these fish for the next few weeks and then
start looking for some spawning behavior.  

<<Larry Tagrin>>