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Collaborators Wanted for Scientific Collection Permits

I am in the process of developing Scientific Collection Permit 
applications for New York and Connecticut, with more applications to be 
submitted later.  I would like to include other NFC members as either 
co-collectors or receivers of NY and CT natives to be collected under 
these permits.  Anyone who either lives in NY or CT who would like to be 
listed on the permit application as a collector, let me know and provide 
me with your name, address, etc., as the permits cost the same whether 
one person or ten are listed as collectors/receivers.

Also, native fish breeders that are part of the NFC Breeder's Program  
who are just drooling over some of the species that are available in 
these two states - check your field guides - should also let me and Herb 
Harris know what species you are interested in and numbers of same, 
which will be used for the NFC Breeder's Program. Make sure you are 
registered as a breeder and register these organisms.  See the Programs 
area of the NFC website for details on how to do this.

Persons who want some fish for other research purposes and are not 
planning to breed them should also contact me and describe your proposed 
research, as I will need this for the application.  

ROBERT: check with the FL and LA aquariums and see if they want any NY 
or CT species as part of the arrangements we have with them, and I can 
include provisions for these species in the SCP applications.  Could 
also use copies of the correspondence to document that they are 
legitimate organizations.

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