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Re: blueheads

>That all makes sense, but what I want to know is does the state the 
>originated from have any jurisdiction over the fish after it leaves 

No much like my Joe Buck analogy when Joe Leaves Ks he is no longers Ks
property or concern...He is the property and concern of his state of

 For instance, if the fish or it's offspring is later sold out 
>another state.  Does one state have any enforcement power in another 
>if the fish came from the first state.  I'm not wanting to flout the 
>law, I
>just want to know want I have to do to stay out of trouble.
> I think in a lot of states, the DNR doesn't really bother itself much 
>anything outside of the sport fishery and maybe listed species.  Of 
>as Herb pointed out, they may not even know what their listed species 
>without going and looking up the list.  I think part of the diffulty 
>be to get the DNR people interested enough to want to do the extra 
>work to
>find out for us what is legal and what isn't.  Does that sound 
>like your experiences in Vermont, Dwight?
>Mark Binkley
>Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
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