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Re: blueheads (was Re: Where r u from ?)


Any interest in trading some of the blueheads for some Vermont native 
species?  Have access to quite a few - check your field guide and see if 
there is something you might want to trade for.

Dwight D. Moody, NFC Secretary/Treasurer

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>	Very easy to care for, take to flake quickly, tolerate a range of 
>conditions, though they are a bit delicate as far as handling, and they
>frighten easily, which causes them to dart around the tank for a while
>till they settle down, and will then stay very still near the bottom
>till the "danger" has past. They will try to jump a bit at first
>immediately after capture, but after the first day in the holding tank
>they stop trying to be escape artist. Water temp fluctuations while
>transporting have been my only real problem with them.
>	The breeding males do have that great big dorsal fin, actually the
>pictures I have seen of them don't really do them justice - quite
>attractive fish.
>robert a rice wrote:
>> Blue head shiners ...hmm interesting ! How do they do in the home 
>> ?
>> On Thu, 14 May 1998 11:36:32 -0500 Herb Harris 
<top_side at geocities_com>
>> writes:
>> >Hi Robert,
>> >       I haven't found any Cardinal Shiners so far around the local
>> >20 mile
>> >area I usually check out, but have found Blue Head in good numbers 
>> >the Saline River drainage. Mostly I wind up with Emerald Shiners
>> >though.
>> >They are very abundant round here.
>> >
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