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Re: blueheads

Sounds good to me!:

>Hi Guys,
>Love the direction you are going with this. I think we can do some neat
>things by showing there are financialy feasable ways to self fund
>conservation activities.
>Heres what i reccomend. We cover the legalities then You break the
>Blueheads up into 2-3 breeding colonies. Each party stay in touch with
>the other over the course of the next six months. That way the only
>expense to any of the parties would be the running of a single tank while
>the YOY grow out. Then as they sexually mature we put all of you guys in
>the breeders club (we could do it now also) and try and get them to
>spawn. 1/2 the offspring be sold via our website silent auction the other
>half you sell /trade  whatever is legal. NFC would make money wich in
>turn they could use to fund other projects, you guys would get MOPS gift
>certificates and be the source for Aquarist interested in this cool fish.
>If lets say your colony produces 50 saleable fry.....25 to the NFC X 3
>bucks = 75 bucks............25 to you X3 bucks = 75 bucks plus you will
>get a gift certificate of at least 10 bucks probably more as it would
>lily be a bonus species....Everyone wins.
>You life history reports would be listed on the website free to download
>by anyone, your hobby is financially supported, hobbyist get access to an
>unusual species, NFC makes money to further our efforts and the shiner is
>non the worse for wear as YOY are lost in great numbers so 30-40
>broodstock would make no difference.....Finally if it becomes really
>feasable renting a track at a hatchery or partnering with the state on
>such a project becomes possible.
>Nice work guys and let us know How to help
>On Mon, 18 May 1998 07:28:37 -0400 mbinkley at earthling_net (Mark Binkley)
>>>Hi Y'all,
>>>        Great! So who wants to get in? Mark? You had some good ideas
>>on this
>>>subject seems to me:
>>Herb, etc,
>>Yeah!  Maybe we need to start by exploring the feasibility of captive
>>breeding the fish.  After all, we don't need a permit for commercial
>>production of the fish if the fish is not commercially producible.
>>about some small scale experiments just to find out what it takes to
>>these guys to spawn and how to keep the fry alive?  Also, of course,
>>need to do some thorough literature searches to find out what's known.
>> I
>>think BG Granier mentioned a paper on this species a while back.  I
>>can ask
>>him agin where to find it.
>>Mark Binkley
>>Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
>>mbinkley at earthling_net