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Notropis hubbsi

>Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 09:11:28 -0500
>From: Jan Hoover <HOOVERJ at ex1_wes.army.mil>
>Subject: Notropis hubbsi
>To: mbinkley at earthling_net
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>Mark -
>You may already be familiar with this:
>Taylor, C.M. and S.M. Norris.  1992.  Notes on the reproductive cycle of
>Notropis hubbsi (bluehead shiner) in southeastern Oklahoma.
>Southwestern Naturalist 37: 89-92.
>N. hubbsi appear to be increasing in abundance (or range) in the lower
>Mississippi-Red River Basins.  Neil Douglas (Northeast Louisiana
>University) rarely saw them in collections from the Ouachita River during
>the 60's, 70's, and 80's, but they became abundant in the 90's.  Likewise,
>we did not see them in our collections from Cypress Bayou, TX in the
>80's, but encountered them several times in 1993 and found a single
>large population in an isolated wetland.
>- Jan Hoover (hooverj at ex1_wes.army.mil)