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NFC: NFC stuff:

Chris and all,

Here are a few points Id like to make before I close my comment on the
topic/s. Id intended to discuss some of the issues in the next flier but
it seemed like now was a good time to bring them up on the list.

First off I agree a rexamination of how we do things is in order.
Periodically a house cleaning is needed.
About 3 months a go I requested volunteers to form a steering committee
to do just that. I ran the request in both the flier and the email list.
Sadly not enough people volunteered to creat a committee. SO Perhaps now
is a good time to make that request again.

The NFC is a volunteer organization and volunteerism runs in cycles. We
are on a downward cycle have been for a year plus. When that occurs
things get sloppy and hopefully that becomes a motivation for people to
reapply them selves to the cause.

Our Board Of Trustees is an Inactive one and that has slowed us down a
bit. I suspect only Joe T and myself will run again.If no one else runs
we will keep our current bot.

Finally and most sadly . The reason I havent just whipped out some
figures is I dont have them. 14 months ago Dwight Moody our Former
treasurer went AWOL. Quit his work, left his life and dissapeared. I
called for him dozens of times emailed him hundreds more. I occassionally
got a response saying everything was fine and all was well. So that
allowed things to carry on much to long. After several calls to his
former employer I found out the truth,that all was not well. 

So for the past three months or so I have been trying to get to the
bottom of this. I froze the checking account had him removed from it. And
got Bank records . Im not done auditing things but here is the skinny of

The NFC checks we had been sending to him had not been deposited in about
a year. No Bills were paid for a year. Those checks are missing but the
members were  given thier full NFC dues. As the checks come to me first
to be added to the Data base. About Half our members join online the rest
do the snail mail.
those funds were never credited to the NFC account and those checks are
missing and presumed lost. I worked with the US postal service to get
acces to our PO box. It was empty of NFC things. From my reasearch I can
safely say that there were no funds used improperly there was just a
complete lack of a treasurer. The amount not deposited appears to be
$1400 or so. Money Im willing to replace after we have tried all other

SO thats where we are at. Im still trying to find Dwight and the NFC's
stuff (last seen in the Phillipines) and Joe T will be takeing over the
treasurer responsibilitys. 

In the next flier I will give basically this same note cleaned up and all
but bearing the same news. 

I will also say this we as an organization will survive this ordeal we
will move forward and learn from our mistakes. 

Anyway I would appreciate peoples patience and understanding on this
issue. It is a worst case scanario , but we will survive .

Robert Rice
NFC president