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NFC: Re: NFC stuff:


Thank you for the frank and open story about what has happened to our funds.
I am floored by this, but suspect we will survive through this.  I would
like to suggest that following the bylaws regarding regular reporting, we
may have been able to catch this sooner before this level of damage was
done.  I'm not casting blame, and in fact my offer stands to sit on an
oversight committee if you will have me.  Unfortunately I am unqualified to
be a treasurer, and don't believe I could put in the time commitment
necessary for the other officer positions.  For me to run for such a
position would be a disservice to the NFC, and besides by now I've got about
98% of the mailing list lined up to stone me.  ;-)  What I have offered to
do, though, is something I can commit to doing.

Is there anything we can do in the short term to help you & Joe to recover
from this?

Pastor Chris

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