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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

Hi Chris

so why dont you volunteer to take over the info
dissemination on the funds? Or even the bookkeeping if
you are so inclined?

That way you'd know. 

As I said, for me its not a priority. The only
dissemination that is a priority for me is conserving
and maintaining our natives.


--- Christian J Hedemark <chris at yonderway_com> wrote:

 while the amount of
> money is small, it is
> large enough to warrant some accountability.  Right
> now, as it stands, the
> club officers have zero accountability to the
> members.  And the recipients
> of grants seem to have nearly zero accountability to
> the club.  I'd LIKE to
> see the membership dollars spent, but I'd like to
> see where that money went,
> and I'd like to see reports back on what it
> accomplished.
> Regards,
> Pastor Chris

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