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NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

Greg said:
> Wow, this is kind of getting negative.  I don't think that either of you
> meant to 'slam' on the other, maybe I am getting my signals crossed, but
> seems that is happening.

Naw.  I am a straight shooter and I'm not good at sugar coating, which can
come off wrong.  Nothing negative was meant, but I did wish to convey a
serious message that I think is deserving of a serious response.

> Chris, why are you defending yourself?

Well maybe I misinterpreted what Robert was saying, but there was something
in there that sounded like he was saying I wasn't doing anything.  Here is
what I'm referring to:

---begin R.R. quote---
>> Also I dont think Jake is my supporter he is an NFC supporter. Guess what
>> Chris its not about me and Id be happy if you or others would take a role
>> nationally or locally.
---end R.R. quote---

> Maybe what we should do as far as local involvment is have
> the 'club heads' send out some suggestions, maybe post local ways to get
> involved on the website?  I have no clue where to start, as far as
> collecting and conservation, etc.  I tried looking in the local rivers
> (Western Washington) and found nothing.  Just some nice looking plants.
> Suggestions?  Greg

The thing I am most concerned with right now, before we even talk about
*future* programs, is what does the NFC do (specifically) with membership
dues and what is the return we're seeing on that.  I know a large number of
our memberships are given for free, and I am not complaining about that.
But am I far off in assuming that we get about $5,000 annually from regular
membership dues?  Can I also assume we bring in around $3,000 a year from
the auction (guesstimating)?  $8,000 isn't much to a corporate entity, but
that can buy an awful lot of aquarium gear, or rent equipment for stream
cleanups, etc.  I'm just wondering how much $$$ comes in, how much goes out,
and what is the membership getting back on that.  If the officers told me
that they spent $5,000 on the breeders program, and we had a number of
detailed reports from recipients of these grants, I would be happy and
probably shut up about the whole thing.  But if we're giving grants to
people out of the membership fund to do nothing more than subsidize the
hobby, hey, send me some money because it ain't cheap keeping a 135 gallon
tank running.  :-)  Seriously, while the amount of money is small, it is
large enough to warrant some accountability.  Right now, as it stands, the
club officers have zero accountability to the members.  And the recipients
of grants seem to have nearly zero accountability to the club.  I'd LIKE to
see the membership dollars spent, but I'd like to see where that money went,
and I'd like to see reports back on what it accomplished.

Pastor Chris

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