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NFC: Re: Re: Re: Stunted fish growth and breeding

Jake wrote:
>~ 50kilos of carp in less then 100
>litres of water.

Wow!  That's a lot of carp.  I try to take the opportunity to visit a 
hatchery or trout farm when I'm near one, and I've always been amazed at 
the quality of fish kept at these places despite the cramped conditions.

I've been following a series of articles in FAMA about a guy's adventures 
collecting fish from streams in SE Brazil.  One thing that grabbed my 
attention was a statement that said bass which had been transplanted to 
South America grow smaller than their northern cousins here in the good ol' 
US of A.  I wonder how the smaller growth of the SA bass relates to the 
current discussion?  I think it was mentioned that no one is sure why the 
bass are not growing as large.  Are they any less healthy, I wonder?

Talking about shameful ideas for animal sales...Anyone remember when they 
used to sell little alligators as pets in FLA?  My uncle had his stuffed 
after it died and he's still got it!  It actually made it to about 3' 
before it got sick and died.  Poor creature.


PS:  Anyone have an extra copy of _The Fishes of Tennessee_ that they want 
to get rid of?  It's $70 new...ouch.  Nice book, though.

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net

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