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NFC: Re: Re: Re: Re: Stunted fish growth and breeding

I just got the new printing from Barnes and Noble for $56.
Jim Graham

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> Jake wrote:
> >~ 50kilos of carp in less then 100
> >litres of water.
> Wow!  That's a lot of carp.  I try to take the opportunity to visit a
> hatchery or trout farm when I'm near one, and I've always been amazed at
> the quality of fish kept at these places despite the cramped conditions.
> I've been following a series of articles in FAMA about a guy's adventures
> collecting fish from streams in SE Brazil.  One thing that grabbed my
> attention was a statement that said bass which had been transplanted to
> South America grow smaller than their northern cousins here in the good
> US of A.  I wonder how the smaller growth of the SA bass relates to the
> current discussion?  I think it was mentioned that no one is sure why the
> bass are not growing as large.  Are they any less healthy, I wonder?
> Talking about shameful ideas for animal sales...Anyone remember when they
> used to sell little alligators as pets in FLA?  My uncle had his stuffed
> after it died and he's still got it!  It actually made it to about 3'
> before it got sick and died.  Poor creature.
> Chuck
> PS:  Anyone have an extra copy of _The Fishes of Tennessee_ that they want
> to get rid of?  It's $70 new...ouch.  Nice book, though.
> Chuck Huffine
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