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Re: NFC: Re: Re: Stunted fish growth and breeding

Jake writes:
> Other species might be better suited. Channel catfish
> get much larger but a pair can be maintained in a 55
> much easier.

I disagree.  I used to go fishing all the time in the Delaware River
downstream of Philadelphia, frequently catching (but not eating!) channel
cats.  One adult channel cat could not be kept in a 55 gallon tank, or a 135
gallon tank for that matter.  These fish are what I prefer to think of as
"tankbusters" and need something more along the lines of an above-ground
pool to keep humanely.

Like you said, catfishes are hard on their tank.  Though I do think a
bullhead cat would be much easier to keep at adult size (at least the
average adult size I've seen in the wild) in something like a 50 gallon
"breeder" tank.  55 gallon tank is too tall and does not provide enough
front-to-back depth.  The "breeder" tanks provide much greater surface area
compared to volume and make it easier for these big fishes to turn around as

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