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Raising Brine Shrimp

Just a quick question regarding the culture of adult brine shrimp.  I have
been trying to work out the bugs in rearing them (I raise too many
mosquitos in my daphnia cultures and the eat my wife) and I have been
using a 10:2:1 (Seal salt:Epsome TBS  Salts:Baking Soda per gallon of
Water). I have been feeding them a mixture of ground spirulina tablests
and bakers yeast.  Are there any other things that I can feed them that
will work better.  I have them in an area under an eave to prevent rain
from flodding it, but this cuts down the sunlight and greenwater.  Any
suggestions would be greatly apreciated.  I can never seem to get the
quantities that a few of the people in the Honolulu Aquarium Society seem
to be able,  maybe I need a tank bigger than 20 gallons.

Mach T. Fukada