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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #129

> From: Christopher Carrigan <carrigan at mail_pris.bc.ca>
> Subject: Gram flour for Daphnia (question)
> Hello,
>  I have been trying to get some gram flour to feed my daphnia culture. I
> cannot find any here, but had asked someone in victoria to send me some.
> They did, however it is not called gram flour instead. According to the
> label, it is packaged by Hanif's international foods in North Delta,
> (Vancouver, bc), it is called Chana flour, (Besan) (curry en poudre). Is
> this the right stuff. It does not taste like it has curry in it despite the
> french. I have given some mixed with water  to the culture and they are
> still alive.


Gram flour is just ground up chick peas.  If you can find dry chick peas,
you can grind them up.  Also, I've found it at the local health food store
labelled as chick pea flour.  Tell them you are looking for ingredients to
make "humus."

As to your original question, I don't know if Chana flour is the same
thing or not.

On the same note of feeding daphnia, a good way to get some green water
going is to get a small jar of water and put a few dried peas into it.
Set the jar on a windowsill that gets a bit of light.  As the pea
degenerates, green water is formed.  Toss this into your daphnia tank, and
keep feeding the tank with the ground up chick pea.  With good lighting,
this will also help your green water and bacteria to flourish (and thus
your daphnia).


pearlsco at u_washington.edu