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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #129

RE: Gram Flour

     I too recently went looking for gram flour.  On one five pound bag of
whole wheat flour, it said, "also known as graham flour".  I bought a two
pound bag of Whole Wheat Flour milled by Ceresota that says on the side
label "Whole Wheat Flour, often referred to as graham flour, is made from
the entire wheat kernel".  If it doesn,t suit the daphnia, there is arecipe
for whole wheat waffles on the back.  Have just started sprinkling some flo
ur on the water, and don't have any fantastic results to report yet.
     In the most recent FAMA magazine, there is a book review about a book
on marine fish breeding by Martin Moe.  In the review is a reference to Moe
using V8 Juice (tomato juice with other pureed vegetables) to raise
rotifers.  Anybody have any more info?  Sounds like a Wow!, why didn't I
think of that.          George, Wilmington, DE