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Re: ARO Needle Valves vs. Nupro

On Sat, 8 May 1999 BOLLING37 at aol_com wrote:

>      It seems like a lot of people are having trouble with their ARO needle 
> valves.
> The valves cannot be closed completely enough to allow for good control over 
> the
> flowrate. 

For me, it's not that the valves cannot be closed down 100% as much as the
general reliability at low flow.  I've found the ARO valves to be more
susceptible to thermal changes -- if I adjust it for one bubble per second
initially, I come back and it's one per 2 seconds... stuff like that.

It really starts to come down to issues of price ($50 vs. $10).  For one
tank it was a bit of an investment, but OK with me.  Now that I've got one
cylinder with 4 valves ganged on it, it becomes $200 vs. $40.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com