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Re: Subject: ARO Needle Valves vs. Nupro

<< From: BOLLING37 at aol_com
 Subject: ARO Needle Valves vs. Nupro
 Hello all,
      It seems like a lot of people are having trouble with their ARO needle 
 The valves cannot be closed completely enough to allow for good control over 
 flowrate.  >>

I just did some rebuilding of my CO2 system and can say it is working about
80% better than it has ever worked.  The valve I purchased was a Whitey B-1RM4
note this is regulator valve with a flow coef. of 0.1 at 5 1/2 turns.  
Running my
regulator at 3 psi I'm set at about 1/2 turn from the off position.  However 
your purchasing a new valve I would like to make an even better recommendation
and that is the Whitey SS-31FR4 which has a flow coef of .04 at 10 turns.  
This would
allow adjustment to a much lower flow coef and allow using a much more stable
pressure of at least 6 psi.

Note the B-1RM4 costed $20.50 however I do not remember the quoted price for
the SS-31FR4 except that it was considerably higher.  With the B-1RM4 if I 
scratch building my system I would strongly recommend a low pressure regulator
that is accurate in the 1 to 3 Psi range to allow the valve setting to be 
more mid range.
Perhaps my next upgrade to the CO2 system

Dennis Bednarek
Mukwonago Wisconsin