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ARO Needle Valves vs. Nupro

Hello all,

     It seems like a lot of people are having trouble with their ARO needle 
The valves cannot be closed completely enough to allow for good control over 
flowrate.  Check the archives of this list: there are several people who have 
had this problem. OTOH, the Nupro model is said to have a small set screw 
which can be adjusted to allow the valve to be closed more tightly, giving 
more than adequate control over the flowrate.  This valve was discontinued, 
and replaced by a similar valve.  Is anyone currently using this new valve?  
Does it provide good flowrate
control, say 1 bubble every 3 seconds?  Does it also have a set screw like the
original model spoken of at the Krib?  After hearing about all the trouble 
are having with the ARO valves, I don't want to fool with them.