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Re: Peters Professional All purpose plant Food

> Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 01:17:23 EDT
> From: MarkyTkd at aol_com
> Has anyone ever used Peters Professional All purpose plant Food in their
> aquatice plants? Im sure it's safe for the plants, but is it safe for the
> fish? Its bluish color and says it disolves in water. Its values are 20-20-20.

20-20-20 is far too high in N and P - even if you use it very sparingly,
you are probably in for an algae bloom and possible toxicity for your

> My plants are showing signs of Iron deficiency. I
> dont exactly want to spend more money on dupla balls and I have no idea of the
> cost of laterite or where to get it...so is there any alternative? Maybe
> crushing a iron vitamin pill?

Some suggestions: (1) plant nurseries sell iron supplements specifically
for plants growing in acid soil.  They are usually 7% iron, either EDTA
or DTPA, i.e. chelated iron.  You can get a lifetime supply (250g) for
a few bucks.  (2) you can make balls of red pottery clay and stick them
under your plants.  Potters may sell you a lifetime supply for a few bucks.
(3) You can buy ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate or ferrous fumarate
tablets (about 300mg Fe per tab) from drugstores, 100 tablets for a few
bucks.  I've never heard of anyone trying this.  (4) People have been
known to incorporate nails, washers and steel wool into their substrates.
Use at your own risk.

I suggest you browse in the archives at www.actwin.com for more ideas on
how to fertilize your plants if and when necessary.