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Re: Excessive internode length

> Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 20:08:57 -0500
> From: "Ivory Boxers" <ivoryboxers at willmar_com>
> Hello, I hope all is well with you all!  I am writing tonight to inquire
> about why my plants are having excessive internode length.  In my pond my
> Myrophillium is twice as big around and internode length is very short 1-2
> mm.  In my 125 it is VERY long around 15-20 mm, causing some rather
> unsightly plants.  I have just started changing to Tri-Chromatic bulbs. 
> Was using two bath & kitchen, two Soft white and two Vita twists.  All are
> 40 watts.  I have recently switched three out of the six to the
> Tri-Chromatics.  Growth has improved and algea is abatting, however I am
> concerned with this recent and unsightly internode length.  Who has any
> ideas?  Thanks in advance.	

Long internodes is the classic symptom of 'stretching towards the light'.
You will never have enough fluorescent tubes to equal full sunlight.  If
you don't like the way the plant looks under your tank conditions, replace
it with something you like better.