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Peters Professional All purpose plant Food

Has anyone ever used Peters Professional All purpose plant Food in their
aquatice plants? Im sure it's safe for the plants, but is it safe for the
fish? Its bluish color and says it disolves in water. Its values are 20-20-20.
1.97 Nitrate Nitrogen
18.03 Urea Nitrogen
20 P2O5
20 K2O
.5 Magnesium
.02 Boron
.05 Chelated Copper
.10 Iron
.05 Maganese
,0005 Molybdenum
.05 Chelated Zinc
It says, "Do not swallor. Keep out of reach of children."

Did I just answer my own question? Anyways....please reply and tell me if this
is ok for the fish tank. My plants are showing signs of Iron deficiency. I
dont exactly want to spend more money on dupla balls and I have no idea of the
cost of laterite or where to get it...so is there any alternative? Maybe
crushing a iron vitamin pill?