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Re: Angels spawn

> Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:14:06 +0700
> From: "jim" <jim at pontianak_wasantara.net.id>
> For the fries: What to feed them? I have no brine shrimps to get.......

One of the nice things about having lots of plants is that they can
provide a banquet for fry.  A nice dirty clump of Java moss or some
algae-covered leaves are a great source of micro critters like protozoa
and rotifers that can keep fry feeding as long as the lights are on.

You should be able to raise your fry on finely ground flake food plus
whatever they can get from the plants.  In a few weeks they should be
big enough to eat small mosquito larvae.  You can collect the floating
egg rafts of mosquitos and put them in the tank.  The fry will eat them
as they hatch.  You may even want to put out some pans of dirty tank
water to tempt the mosquitos to lay their eggs someplace convenient
for you to collect them.