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Low Voltage Undergravel Heater Plans

Hello all,

I just returned to the list after a long hiatus. My plants have summered
well in a garden pond while I was trout fishing in Greenland!   I'll be
setting up my new 75 gallon. What I am asking is if anyone has set up DIY
low voltage under gravel in a 75.  Could I please benefit from your
experience in that you could share your calculations with me?  What I like
to know is how many feet and what gage wire to use and where you sourced
your transformer and or what the specifications are.  I'm confident I can
wire it with a little guidance.  I looked in the APD digest and found some
plans but must admit I'm a little confused by them.

Other than that it will feature 9 T-8 bulbs on 3 ballasts with staggered
start times, i.e. the y will come on and go off one or two hours apart.  Is
this too much light? That's 4.8 watts of T-8 per gallon, what if the last 3
only came on for a couple of hours at "noon"?  I'll be using a sterile
substrate and CO2 injection into the wet/dry in the sump.  I plan to use
only a little amount on media in the wet/dry.

I would appreciate any or all comments on this!!