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Aquarium Silicon

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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 98 07:51:57 -0000
From: Adam Weingarten  <Javablue at concentric_net>
Subject: Re: Silicon

I'm constructing a wet/dry filter and I was curious if the GE brand
Window and Door Sealent is safe to use. It says that it is "mildew
resistant, water tight, wil not shrink or yellow, perminantly flexiable,
withstands the most extreme conditions, low oder, and 100% Silicone 2." I
was planning on using this to glue acrylic to acrylic, and pvc to pvc.
I'd appriciate any input that anyone has to offer. Thanks.



Search the APD archives and you will see lots of references to experiences
with silicon.  I have summed up a few including my own experience.

On a project for a 29g planted tank I used the GE 100%Clear Silicone Stock #
GE012A with no problems.

Try to use only 100% silicon.  DO NOT use any silicone that is not marked
"safe for aquarium use."   In most cases it contains arsenic to prevent
mildew.  Also try to avoid products with  UV-resistant properties" because
these also contain harmful ingredients.  If it is "food-grade" or ""Safe for
use with food" or FDA approved it should be OK.  Ultimately if you are not
sure it's safe, don't use it!  You will have a major problems.  It is not
worth tearing the tank/filter down for a couple of bucks difference for the
"aquarium" silicone.

Use in a well-ventilated area and wait at least 48 hours for it to cure
before adding water/fish/plants.