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Re: Low Voltage Undergravel Heater Plans

I was wondering how much good the low voltage undergravel heaters do?
I have one that I built according to the directions on the Krib and it
warm the gravel such that the water temperature is about 2-3 degrees F
warmer with it on than off.  However if you were to hold the wires in
your hand,
you could not tell that they were warm (I tested this before I installed
I remember that one of the reasons for this
type of filter was to create circulation in the gravel.  Unless you have
a high temperature gradient caused by the heating wires you won't have
a lot of circulation.  So I have a couple of questions.
1) does anyone have any experience with low voltage heaters over the
term and what benefits do you see?
2) are high voltage better than low voltage?
3) any other comments

Harold.Walters at halliburton_com