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canister filters

>No, I don't work for Hagen, and in fact right now I am only running trickle
>filters.  Next time I need a canister filter I will again look at the
>Eheim/Fluval situation - I have no bias towards one or the other.  If the
>situation is still as it is now, I'll be buying another Fluval.
Well, I have been using Fluval 403s (2 versions) for about 4 years each and
must say I had some of the problems mentioned, like:
Broken Clips
Hard to close covers
Broken Impeller Housing Covers,
Messy Priming
Occasional Noise.

I have since switched to Eheims and have never been happier. They do cost
more but the build quality and thoughtful features are well worth it. I
have also used both Internal filters from Fluval and Eheim and prefer the
Eheims for ease of cleaning and build quality.

Just my 2 cents.

P/s Do any of you faced problems when you have a power failure for about 4
hrs and you are away? When the power returns, your tank is filled with foul
water from the canister and I usually have to do massive water changes to
avoid problems.

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia 
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