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canister filters

> From: Roxanne Bittman <RBITTMAN at hq_dfg.ca.gov>
> Subject: cannister filters
> I use an Eheim 2213 on one tank and a Fluval 103 on
> another.  I have experience with the Fluval 303 as well.
>  I would strongly recommend getting the Eheim over
> the Fluval.

This has got to be one of those Ford vs. GM things.  I have been using
Fluval canister filters off and on for at least 10 years and have always
been delighted with them.

>  I too had the unpleasant experience of a
> hose popping off of the Fluval and putting about 5
> gallons of water into my living room.

I am not doubting you, but I cannot imagine this being a Fluval problem.
With the watchamacallits screwed down properly I'm not sure if I could pull
the hoses of my 403s if I tried to.

> Also, the Fluval tends to be noisier

Mine have always run at a volume inaudible from 6 ft. or so away.

> and harder to get started or primed.

Hmmm.  I can't say I've ever had the slightest difficulty.

> Small amounts of air or other gas in the
> Fluval cause a lot of noise!

Sure, but then it spits the air out and that's the end of that.  (They may
not be a good choice for dissolving CO2)

> Also, I broke the impeller
> chamber cover a couple of times, due to poor design
> on their part.

I've had 8 or ten of these things and run several of them for a number of
years with regular cleaning - no trouble.

> Eheim's are more expensive, but well worth it in my
> opinion.

Last time I looked, they were not merely "More expensive", they were more
than double the price for a unit with equivalent flow.

From a recent "That Fish Place" Catalog:

Eheim 2250 264 gph  $279
Fluval 403 317 gph   $89

No, I don't work for Hagen, and in fact right now I am only running trickle
filters.  Next time I need a canister filter I will again look at the
Eheim/Fluval situation - I have no bias towards one or the other.  If the
situation is still as it is now, I'll be buying another Fluval.

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