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Re: ADA CO2 disperser

Roxanne Bittman asked:
>Has anyone had experience with the ADA glass "pollen" CO2 disperser?  It 
I haven't had any experience with it but, from the photos, it looks like 
it may work in the same manner as the small Dupla disperser which uses a 
sintered glass plate to diffuse the CO2 into fine bubbles. I've been 
using the Dupla device for around 2 years quite successfully.

I have to admit that the ADA device looks nicer, but it doesn't seem to 
have the spring-loaded valve at the base that the Dupla device has to 
prevent water flowing back down the line to the gas bottle, which I 
understand can happen under some circumstances. Perhaps they have some 
form of protection built into their valve/regulator set-up. or perhaps 
it's totally unnecessary.

David Aiken