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triton and banana

hello Buff
I'm happy to know you're satisfied with your light setup. have you already made
up any conclusion about plant bulbs efficacy? I ask 'cause I've just 
added a new
industrial bulb (abundant green light) beside an aquastar 10K from sylvania
and plants started immediately to behave better.
now it is commonly understiid that the most of the green light is 
wasted so I think
my plants do better thanks to the higher level in the red and blue 
spectrum that
is also emitted even if in small amount by the cheaper cool white bulbs.
however I'm seeing also algae thriving and expanding rapidly; I did not 
change any
other parameter so I think it is a matter of light (spectrum?). if I 
don't remember
wrong algae can use efficiently the yellow/green emissions (please 
experts comment
on that) so I'm wondering if I could have a help to control the algae 
growth from using
the red-blue bulbs like gro-lux (I think). I'm not concerned about the 
darker and pinkish
light I had until last week. I found a 15W gro-lux selling at the 
equivalent of 10usd: less
than twice the cost of the cheapest bulb I can find in my area's hw 
stores and am think-
ing to give it a try on the next replacement.

I don't know if triton, like trilux from penn-plax, is triphosphore 
IMHO the tripho are good because of the high power in the red and blue 
while yhe green is added only for better plant appearance.

what is the scientific name of the so called banana plants? just like 
to see them at my
LFS next time.

best regards
near Milan almost suffocating with the smog