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Incandesent vs Fluoresent ?

I have a 24 inch tall 60G with 4-30 Watt Fluorescent bulbs. All four are designer coolwhites. I used these because at the time that was all I could find in 36" length. It also has DIY cO2. It has kitty litter and #3 sandblasting sand.
I have a 20 gallon long set up with what started as a temporary fixture. It is a clip on light with a 60 watt incandescent flood and no Co2. Sand from a local creek bank over kitty litter.
The plants in the 20 are growing much faster than the 60. This makes me wonder it there is something in the sand from the creek bank? Or if maybe the designer coolwhites are not a good choice?  In the 20 I also have much less green algae problems than the 60G. To the eye the 60 is much brighter. Any clues to the difference here?
I had intended to add cO2 and changes the lights on the 20 but I dont want to touch it!  
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