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ADA CO2 disperser

>Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 19:13:20 +1000
>From: David Aiken <d.aiken at eis_net.au>
>Subject: Re: ADA CO2 disperser
>Roxanne Bittman asked:
>>Has anyone had experience with the ADA glass "pollen" CO2 disperser?  It

I'm using two of the ADA Pollen 50 diffusers for my 200 gal. tank. It
doesn't have any safety valves built into it as u have observed so u'd need
to hook up some one way check valve. ADA's check valve,the Rubicon,is this
"made of glass" device which has a little red glass ball inside which stops
back flow. Real thing of beauty (typical ADA!!) but one heck of an
expensive (typical ADA too!! ) ;-)