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Re: ADA CO2 disperser

>>Has anyone had experience with the ADA glass "pollen" CO2 disperser?  It
>>Roxanne Bittman

I have been using the "Pollen Glass CO2 distributor" for almost 4 years on
one tank. I really like it.... much more compact and unobstrusive than many
other commercial or home made diffusers. It injects an extremely fine mist
of CO2 bubbles thru a ceramic disc. Because of the high solubility of CO2,
and my injection depth (~1 foot or 30cm), I suspect that by the time the
mist is half way towards the surface, the CO2 has already dissolved and the
residual bubbles are only N2 or O2 from the water. There is a powerhead
immediately above to ensure good circulation within the tank.

I got the CO2 distributor intended for a 70 gal tank (disc diam = ~2-3cm),
but have it in a 125g (500L). It is connected to a pH controller and has no
trouble keeping up (sorry... can't give you equivalent bubble count). The
only drawback is that it must be occassionally cleaned to clear the disc of
algae or other coating that restricts the CO2. You can see when this this
is needed when the mist only comes out of part of the disc. Every 6 months
or so, I soak it with dilute chlorox... there is also an ADA product
intended for this purpose. A certain amount of CO2 pressure is needed to
get thru the disc... although it works well with a CO2 tank, I wouldn't
recommend it with a pop bottle reactor.