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Re: Trading plants to LFS

My LFS takes several bags of my cullings fortnightly and manages
to sell a fair amount. I try to supply them with mostly low to
medium light species. Unfortunately the customers seldom know
what they are buying, and anubias species often languish in the
tanks even at US$3 a plant. Echinodorus quadricostatus and E.
latifolius sell for $0.25 each etc. etc. Price is everything in
the pet trade in Ottawa.

I receive credit of $0.07 for the above, and $1.00 for a nice
anubias nana var. nana. I do it mostly because this LFS tries
hard. Let us consider it a public service. Ammannia, rotala sp.,
and high light plants end up in the composter. Demand is limited.

If more people had an adequate setup, even this limited market
would be diminished, so I'm grateful.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca