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Re: Trading plants to LFS

>Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 18:10:27 -0500
>From: krandall at world_std.com
>What value?  Retail?  You can't expect a store to give you retail prices
>for your plants.  I've found that most are more than willing to give
>wholesale-type prices ... 

If it's not "too much trouble" as it is with our LFS.  "Please come in when we 
are not busy" (i.e., not on weekends), "please only deal with the owner" (not on 
Mondays and Tuesdays), "only bring in stuff I can sell in a hurry" (because 
plants die in our holding tanks), "only come in when College Students are 
setting up their tanks" (September and January). It's far easier to drop them in 
the garbage can!

>The more interest there is in plants, the more the stores will want to support
>that way, and what better way to develop interest than to make healthy,
>easy to grow species easily available.  Success feeds interest!

I have a short dissenting opinion.  It would seem to me that the LFS depends 
more on *lack* of success with plants than anything else.  After all, once 
someone becomes adept at growing plants, there is very little need to buy more.  
The only plants we ever buy now are species we don't have yet or got rid of in 
the past for whatever reason.  And guess who doesn't carry the more interesting 

Frankly, the LFS that carries plants goes out of their way to make us want to 
buy things from the "other" LFS or mail-order suppliers.  For example, they 
don't carry the specific items we want (mostly because the owner is pissed at 
most of the wholesaleers in the area and won't carry their lines) and they won't 
special order anything for us (too much trouble). 

The only things we ever bought there were two-pound bags of frozen food cubes 
and PennPlax Ultra TriLux bulbs.  The "other" store now special orders UTL bulbs 
and sells them to us for less than mail order prices.  Now we buy smaller packs 
of frozen cubes from him. 

George Booth in Sunny Colorado