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Re: Driftwood (my way)

I have had trouble sinking wood in the past so I dont bother withit now. My
way of doing it is getting on the snorkeling equipment (scuba in my case) and
getting pre-sunk drift wood. I find it to be more attractive since it is
usually very water worn. I think that it also has the benefit of removiing any
soft spongy wood that dry stuff may sometimes develope. I also think that most
of the tanins are alredy removed naturally by the water it was found in
(depending on how long it has been submersed. As long as I do regular water
changes, I never seem to have a discoloration of the water.I have many pieces
(too many) that I have found this way and I have had very good success. I have
so much that I store lots of wood outside in buckets of water. To prepare the
wood I soak it in a very high salt solution, run it through the dish washer
once or twice with the hottest setting and a hot dry cycle, then let it soak
in fresh water to remove any excess salts. So far never a problem. I usually
have very good results finding large amounts of wood under waterfalls (small
ones of course). If any one in the central Willamette Valey of OR ever wants
to collect, let me know and I can show you some good spots.


P.S. is there any sort of market for submersed drift wood?