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Re: Problems, etc

>Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 16:14:36 -0800
>From: RiceGuy <ucmagguy at inetworld_net>
>my water is extremely hard (don't know the ppm thing), and a pH > 8.0
>(my test kit doesn't go that high). I've added RO water 
>My tank is completely over-grown. NOT with plants, but with algae. 
>it is not a traced element problem, not in San Diego. 
>In this planted tank, I have an Oscar, a Green Terror, 3 small plecostomus

Dear RiceGuy,

I'm replying to your post to make sure it is not ignored. However, I don't think 
I can be of much help. You did not give enough details of your tank setup for me 
to prescribe any cures. 

What you did describe leads me to believe you need to go back to square one and 
rethink what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it. Your fish are 
not compatible with plants. You seem to be taking advice from anybody that will 
offer it, whether or not they know what they are talking about. Knowing the "ppm 
thing" is relatively useful.  Having a pH test kit in the right range is a good 
thing. There is nothing special about San Diego relating to trace elements. 
If I were you, I would sit back and surf the net for information on planted 
tanks.  There are many web sites with information on planted tanks ranging from 
inexpensive Do-It-Yourself systems to high tech setups that "may cost as much as 
$1000" (or more likely $3000). 

Sorry to be kind of negative, but an awful lot has been written about the basics 
and you need to learn about the basics.  Most of the authors aren't going to 
type it all over again unless they are really bored.  

To other new subsribers: please take some time to research the hobby a bit 
before you ask a broad question like "How do I grow plants?". You are much more 
likely to get an answer to a specific question, especially if it looks like 
you've "done some homework". 

As for bizarre statements such as "I as well do not have the time to sift 
through the numerous FAQs trying to search for past info that someone is 
unwilling to reiterate", well, what can I say? 

I as well do not have the time to reiterate past info which someone is unwilling 
to search numerous FAQs for.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
Need Info?  http://www.frii.com/~booth/AquaticConcepts.htm