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Re:Bio-Wheel and Co2 loss ?

Tom wrote, 
>I checked the APD archives and could not find any >information on the
effects of from Bio->wheels on Co2->outgassing. Has anyone done any
experiments comparing >bio-wheel Vs no a bio->wheel in planted tanks 


>Your comments are appreciated. If I don't hear from >anyone maybe I
will do an experiment with my tank. 

“One test is worth a thousand opinions”
 If you have a constant CO2 source this test is easy to run.  Why not
run it and post your results? It should be interesting.

I recently ran a test  with my aquarium in which I am running an
Aquaclear 300.  I use two foam blocks in it and have it set at the low
flow rate.  I assumed that if I kept the water level set so I get the
smoothest return possible(smallest ripples)  from the filter that it
would minimize my CO2 loss.  This turned out not to be true.  I found
that if the return water drops about a  ˝” my pH runs .1 to .2 lower.

My guess is that when the water is returning parallel to the surface I
get more surface movement and hence a greater CO2 loss. 

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