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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #42

Subject: Native Plants

>I am trying to identify some plants that we collected in a cool spring in
>North Alabama. I don't have any books and have looked on the web with out
>any luck. Wondering if anyone knows of a site that deals with native plants
>of North America or something along this line? Maybe someone has a clue as
>to what these are.

The University of Florida has a wonderful web site:


>The other is a moss(?) that is dark green and attaches itself to rocks. The
>leaves remind me of cedar tree leaves. They have a long main stems with
>small delicate looking stems that grow off of the main stalk. Nothing that
>looks like normal leaves. These was found mostly in the swifter parts of
>the spring attached to rocks and other things. It sinks when dropped in the

This sounds like Fontinalis.

>The third is the best looking one. It is a single slender stalk, pale
>green. Small narrow leaves 1/8 inch wide and 1/2 inch long. The leaves are
>a darker green than the stalk and have some dark red in them. They grow in
>pairs on opposite sides of the stem. They were found underwater and along
>the slightly shaded side of the bank. Appears to reproduce by rhizomes. It
>was growing in a large patch.

Sounds like it might be a species of Potomogeton. (there are many)

>I have had the above plants in my 60G for a week or more now. So far they
>seem to be doing well. I believe that I am seeing growth in the last one
>that I described. That water they came out of is very clear and people
>regularly use it for drinking water. The spring runs to the Tennessee river
>and I am almost sure that these plants do not grow in the river. 

It's fun collecting native plants, isn't it?


Subject: Abject apology

Cynthia wrote:

>It seems an email I meant to send via private email was sent here, to the
>list, as well.  I apologize for this breach of Netiquette and general

Don't appoligize!  I (and I bet most of the others on the list were rooting
for you!<VBG>)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association