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Whining, and looking for unusual plants for auction

> From: Brian Richard Booth <animate at umich_edu>

>  now I have not had any problems keeping
> cardinals in a strictly "fish" setting, but now that I have a heavily
> planted 75G I cannot keep them alive.  Now I believe THAT is a question
> that CAN be fielded by the experienced planters on this list.  If not I am
> sorry for being irate, but like you say this is a privilege, and I thought
> that this list might help me out.

It would have, if you'd actually ASKED your question here instead of
whining that none of us helped you with the question you didn't ask.
And if you had asked this first, someone would have said that you need
to post way more information, because this is in the realm of "My fish
is dying! Help! PS: I have plants in the tank."

>  I as well do not have the time to sift
> through the numerous FAQs trying to search for pastinfo that someone is
> unwilling to reiterate.  Thanks for your time

Well, then you really don't deserve anyone's time, sorry.  The APD, as
folks have mentioned over the last few days, does not exist as a
convenience service to reiterate answers frequently-asked-questions
(though your problem isn't really a FAQ per se, the "newsgroup" FAQ
would have told you that you need to supply more information, and help
you supply the appropriate information.  It also would might have taught you
that whining is not the best way to get useful answers).

> From: Cynthia S Powers <cyn at metronet_com>
> The second reason I concur with your statement is that
> egocentric little tantrums such as the one you threw are unacceptable on
> the APD; perhaps you would be more at home on a newsgroup such as alt.whine
> or alt.meMeME.Iamthecenteroftheuniverse
> Since we are in complete agreement about the error of your "list chosing"
> ways, I've taken the liberty of unsubscribing you.  No need to thank me.

This one had me ROTFL... Thanks, Cynthia, even though I know you didn't mean
to send it to everyone.

Since I'm wasting bandwidth anyway, I thought I'd mention that our
local club (Seattle) is having its annual public all-plant auction
February 10.  We'll be buying some $300-400 wholesale, but I always
try to make sure we have some unusual species as well.  Anyone know
where I might be able to get some Hydrocotyle vulgaris or verticilla
for this event?  Reliable specimens of Glossostigma?  And if none of
you reply, I'm going to keep posting the request again IN ALL CAPS SO YOU'LL

  - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com