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Re: [APD] CO2 Experiment #2

Jerry Baker wrote:

>I would think that as the bubbles got smaller, and their surface area to 
>volume ratio increased, they would dissolve faster. I do not have any 
>empirical data to back that up, but it just seems intuitive. It might be 
>a tangent worth exploring at some point.

I read it over a couple times and found that I answerd my own question. 
The bond ratio is the same, only with a larger bubble you have more 
payload and therefore effectively a higher absorption rate on an 
observable scale. But on an atomic scale it's all the same, wether or 
noth your payload runs out.

>I too have some concern that the travel time in the water was 
>particularly short. The bucket is about as deep as a 55-gallon tank 
>though. I am thinking about repeating this in a very deep container 
>(like a trash can).
I was thinking more along the lines of trapping the C02 in a medium of 
sorts, which could allow water to pass through (Sponge? - No that won't 
work). Also, less water would allow you to observe smaller changes more 
quickly and control concentration. Also, if the experiment could be 
taken so that the observation is spanned across a longer time period you 
might yield more accurate results.

- C

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