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Re: [APD] CO2 Experiment #2

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Since I don't like to rely on the results of one run of one experiment 
>to arrive at such far reaching conclusions, I would like to run a second 
>experiment to confirm the results of the first. I have laid out my idea 
>with an illustration on my Web site (link below). I do have two 
>questions I would appreciate any help with:
>1) Does anyone foresee a problem with the design of this experiment that 
>would affect its accuracy or relevancy?
>2) Does anyone have an idea on a relatively easy way to hold a small, 
>buoyant test tube inverted in the water?
>LINK: http://www.bakerweb.biz/fish/co2experiment2.html
I'm just thinking out loud, but I do agree with the assumption of 
experiment 1. The basis for this assumption would be the decrease of 
available bonds, thus the bubble could pass through more of the water 
column without absorption.  That noted, I think that perhaps the water 
column used in the test was not exposing the bubbles long enough to 
their prospective bonds to observe a significant change in absorption rate.

Again this is all feel. I've no math to back it up.

Does the surface area of the bubble come into play? If you have a 
smaller bubble, and more availble bonds, or vise versa... does it really 
make a difference? Wouldn't the ratio be the same either way?

- C.
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