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Re: [APD] RE: big algae problem

Before, the dust storm rises again, note folks, that there
is about a ton and a half of discussion on BGA and treating
it with antibiotics instead of a black out.

Both methods work. Only one of them really upsets a lot

Scott H.
--- Santiago Gonzalez <sgonzal at cura_net> wrote:

> I have a small low-tech 30 gal tank heavily planted with
> two 
> 30 W Aqua Glo tubes and one external Whisper filter. I
> have 10 cardenal
> tetra, 4 serpae tetra, 6 lemon tetra and one unidentified
> fish that came by
> mistake from the shop.  About 3 years ago I experienced
> an uncontrollable
> algae growth (blue green algae) that covered everything
> from gravel to glass
> and plants killing them. After months of dealing with the
> problem by
> scrapping and syphoning, water changes, etc etc, I
> decided a more radical
> move. I used the antibiotic eritromycine to treat the
> water for one week on
> a dose a little smaller than the one recommended for the
> manufacturer. For
> this I retired the activated carbon filter and replaced
> just after the
> treatment. The result was that the algae turned brown in
> about 4 days and
> disappeared after approx 7 days. Since then, all plants
> are growing so fast
> that I have to trim them constantly and sometimes take
> complete plants out
> of the aquarium. I do water changes approx 10% every
> other month and almost
> all the fish population has survived since then (only 3
> losses). No algae
> growth of any kind whatsoever.
> I hope this will help. I also appreciate any comments.
> Thanks
> Santiago
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