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[APD] RE: big algae problem

I have a small low-tech 30 gal tank heavily planted with two 
30 W Aqua Glo tubes and one external Whisper filter. I have 10 cardenal
tetra, 4 serpae tetra, 6 lemon tetra and one unidentified fish that came by
mistake from the shop.  About 3 years ago I experienced an uncontrollable
algae growth (blue green algae) that covered everything from gravel to glass
and plants killing them. After months of dealing with the problem by
scrapping and syphoning, water changes, etc etc, I decided a more radical
move. I used the antibiotic eritromycine to treat the water for one week on
a dose a little smaller than the one recommended for the manufacturer. For
this I retired the activated carbon filter and replaced just after the
treatment. The result was that the algae turned brown in about 4 days and
disappeared after approx 7 days. Since then, all plants are growing so fast
that I have to trim them constantly and sometimes take complete plants out
of the aquarium. I do water changes approx 10% every other month and almost
all the fish population has survived since then (only 3 losses). No algae
growth of any kind whatsoever.
I hope this will help. I also appreciate any comments.

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