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Re: [APD] LED's as a light source.

At 12:42 PM 5/14/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>The superbright LEDs do not work the way normal LEDs do.
>The superbrights are doped-diodes and they fluoresce when
>energized. This enables a variety of colors not possible
>before and a lot more output from such a small package --
>much more than could be done previously with LEDs. 
>However, because they are not striaghtforward LEDs, the
>energy efficiency is in the same ballpark as fluorescent
>lamps (actually, iirc, they are a bit worse). So there's no
>energy saving nor heat avoidance by going to LEDs from
>fluorescent lamps. 

Yeah the power part is a bit disappointing, but you can at least
packafe them in areas smaller that you could put fluoro tubes of
any sort... modulo the heat dissipation problem. One way to deal
with that is to create a vertical array of tanks and let the
light for one be the heat for the one above it.


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