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[APD] RE: big algae problem

> From: "Ivan Borg" <iborg at maltanet_net>
> I have a  100liter  aquarium with the following specs:
> - external filter Ehiem Ecco 
> - 4 flouresent tubes 18 watts each ( 2x 10000K ; 2x 56000K)
> -Co2 fertilisation - yeast method connected with a needle vave then to
the ehiem CO2 diffuser
> - gravel mixed with flourite 
> The nitrogen cycle was already reached because the aquarium has been
runnig for some months now.
> Until last friday I had few plants  (survivors of the first algae wave)
and the algae problem seemed that had been solved.
> Last friday I heavily planted the aquarium and seemed to be perfect
because from all new plants were coming out tiny bubbles
> >From last week till today not all plants are producing bubbles anymore
and the algae it is already showing everywhere; on the leaves and the
aquarium walls and on the gravel.
> All changes I did in this week were:-.
> cleaned the filter media 
> added NPK ferlilizer and iron fertilizer
> switched on the 4 tubes instead of 2 only as i was doing before. (12
hours daily)
> Could someone give some tips to eliminate this algae problem please or
identify what I am doing wrong?.
> Ivan

Ivan, the issue is CO2.
I'm not clear on how you use a ceramic disc with yeast CO2 and needle valve.
Too much backpressure from resistriction like needle valves and ceramic
disc can cause the yeast to either die or drop off production. This
backpressure also creates variation due to clogging and changes in pressure
which negatively influnces the yeast's CO2 production.  

The best method for using DIY yeast CO2 is to use a DIY reactor like the
one shown on my site.
It self regulates the DIY CO2 production variations, maximizing when low
and wasting the gas when too much.

When ever I hear of an algae problem, almost always it's related to NO3/NH4
or about 90% of all algae issues are CO2 related.
If you can add 25-30ppm when the lights are on, that's all you need to do.
If it drops to 10ppm or 5ppm and starts off at 30ppm, that's no good.
If it's 30ppm for the first 2-3 days and then drops off to 10ppm for the
rest of the week or until you change the brew, that's no good either.

Adding KNO3/KH2PO4, trace elements and GH (GH likely not needed on Malta)
is fine, but will not help if the CO2 is not in a good range.

There is another list member from Malta that does well and perhaps can help
you also.
Tom Barr

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