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Re: [APD] LED's as a light source.

The superbright LEDs do not work the way normal LEDs do.
The superbrights are doped-diodes and they fluoresce when
energized. This enables a variety of colors not possible
before and a lot more output from such a small package --
much more than could be done previously with LEDs. 

However, because they are not striaghtforward LEDs, the
energy efficiency is in the same ballpark as fluorescent
lamps (actually, iirc, they are a bit worse). So there's no
energy saving nor heat avoidance by going to LEDs from
fluorescent lamps. 

Also, they tend to have a narrow range of illumination --
they are miny spotlights -- but to get enough light one
would need an array containing quite a lot of superbright
LEDs, so the narrow beam might not be a problem in

Also, the bandwidth is relatively narrow unless one uses a
wide varieity of colors -- Again, the huge array might make
this work.

Other than that, there's nothing holding anyone back form
making an aquarium plant light out of LEDs -- except maybe
all of the work involved and the high initial cost and
similar or higher operating costs (compared to

Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.
--- Si Griffiths <si_griffiths at icdlabs.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> A friend of mine is heavily into his LED's and they do
> seem rather
> bright, especially the luxeon star variety.  I was
> wondering if anyone
> has play with technology such as the following:
> I always thought that LEDs would make a great way of
> providing low cost
> bright lighting but I am concerned about the temperature
> that the LEDs
> get to, i.e. 70+C.  Also anyone whos good at working with
> lumens etc
> could maybe advise on the light output of these things as
> im a bit of an
> ameateur in these areas.
> If push comes to shove ill maybe buy a few sets of these
> in the near
> future and do some tests, im sure ive got a light meter
> around here
> somewhere.
> TIA,
> Si.
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