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Re: [APD] CO2 won't dissolve- Update

jebrady7 at juno_com at jebrady7 at juno_com wrote:

> Thanks for everyone's thoughtful responses.  I had about an inch and a half of
> gas collected in the reactor when I got home and turned off the solenoid and
> let the pump run for 4 hours, during light and dark, and there was no change
> in the gas.  Didn't dissolve, didn't increase.
> I can't remove the bioballs, and the flow rate looks pretty wimpy with this
> pump.  In order to blow the undissolvable gas out I'll just have to use a
> stronger pump.  In the meantime, I dropped the filter down sideways, and the
> gas consumption dropped so radically it was shocking.  I was blowing off the
> CO2 almost as fast as it was diffusing in!

I'm having trouble understanding. Can you clarify? Was the trapped gas from
impurities in the CO2 tank, or from the partial pressure effect, or what?
What do you mean by "I dropped the filter down sideways, and the gas
consumption dropped..."?

Dan Dixon

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